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Reel Africa Filmstrip


Films and masterclasses will run throughout Monday 25th & Tuesday 26th of May at DKIT. Attendance at all films and masterclasses is free!

Guests of the Festival

The following guests will be present for Q&As after their films and will also be performing free masterclasses with students and members of the public regarding their work as filmmakers:

Adrian McCarthy, Wildfire Films (
Tom Maguire, Borderline Productions (
Paula Rouse, Gililan Marsh Productions (
Tamara Anghie, Zanzibar Films (
Michael Kelly, Rooftop Productions (
Aoibheann O'Sullivan, Filmmaker (

African Films

Triomf (2008)
Triomf Director: Michael Raeburn
(South Africa/France)
Whitaker Theatre, Monday May 25th at 10am

March 1994 South Africa. On the day of the first free election, Lambert Benade will turn 21, and Uncle Treppie promises him the girl of his dreams. But, in this hilariously horrendous tragi-comedy, as a new world is born, two members of the white trash family are destined to die.


Irish documentaries and shorts

Out in Africa
Director: Tom Maguire
Whitaker Theatre, Monday May 25th at 1pm

Shot from December 2007 – February 2008 on location in South Africa, tells the story of Northern Irish man Victor Corrigan and South African Kyle Stuart who get married in a traditional Afrikaaner village, following the change in the South African Civil Unions Bill which came into force on the 30th November 2006.
Followed by a 2-hr masterclass with Tom Maguire.

Director: Paula Rouse
Whitaker Theatre, Monday May 25th at 3pm

This 12-minute documentary tells the story of one woman's quest to alter misconceptions of African culture in Ireland. An Irish citizen, Tina still maintains a strong sense of her African identity.
Followed by a 2-hr masterclass with Paula Rouse.

New Boy
Director: Steph Green
Producer: Tamara Anghie
Whitaker Theatre, Monday May 25th at 4pm

Based on a Roddy Doyle short story, a young African immigrant struggles to make a place for himself during his first day at an Irish school. Nominated for an Academy Award 2009 for Best Live Action Short Film.
Followed by a 2-hr masterclass with Tamara Anghie..

Director: Adrian McCarthy

Whitaker Theatre, Tuesday May 25th at 10am

The documentary was screened on RTE on World AIDS day in December 2006 and focuses on the people in Eastern Africa whose lives have been taken over by HIV and AIDS – thus are known as ‘the missing generations’. The film looks at the work of former Irish nurse Mary Donohoe and her organisation The Rose Project, whose purpose is to give financial and medical support to some of the smaller HIV and AIDS support groups in these countries. Despite the bleak picture of these missing generations the documentary offers insights into the response and endeavours of the local women to combat the pandemic.
Followed by a 2-hr masterclass with Adrian McCarthy.

Re Moho - Twinning the Kingdoms
Director: Eileen O'Leary
Cameraman/Editor: Michael Kelly

Whitaker Theatre, Tuesday May 25th at 1pm

A short documentary on the work of Kerry Organisation Twinning the Kingdoms. Twinning the Kingdoms work in collaboration with the people of Lesotho, a landlocked mountainous Kingdom in Southern Africa.
Followed by a 2-hr masterclass with Michael Kelly.

Workers at Wyatt Rd
Director: Aoibheann O'Sullivan

Whitaker Theatre, Tuesday May 25th at 2pm

A short film showing yet another road in Durban, South Africa where jobseekers wait, hoping to secure a days labour. With Unemployment at 40% the odds are against them. This film stemmed from academic research by UKZN student Ntokozo Mthembu.
Screened as part of the Durban International Film Festival, and now forms part of a permanent exhibition at the Kwa Muhle Museum in Durban.
Followed by a 2-hr masterclass with Aoibheann O'Sullivan.

Whitaker Theatre, Tuesday May 25th at 5pm
Screening of short-listed films from student short film competition, followed by prize-giving ceremony.


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